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The Texas AHEC East-Greater Houston Region is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the health of our population, especially the underserved, by creating partnerships with and among community and academic organizations.


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(Mobile Systems Education and Resources for Consumer Health)

Mobile Systems Education and Resources for Consumer Health (MSEARCH) 2 is an electronic skill building program focused on educating seniors’ in Harris County how to navigate National Libraries of Medicine (NLM) health information resources using mobile device technology. The program will address the information-seeking needs of seniors’ while providing ready access to NLM e-health information resources. Partnership with the University of Texas School of Nursing provides for an estimated teacher to student ratio of two to one. This program is an expansion of the MSEARCH program that was developed and successfully implemented by the Greater Houston Area Health Education Center (GHAHEC) at four community centers last year.  As a result of the program, approximately 80 seniors learned basic mobile tablet device skills and were introduced to the NIHSeniorHealth and MedlinePlus websites.

The Target population for the MSEARCH 2 program is older adults(age 60 and over) currently engaged in senior service programs at three Neighborhood Centers Inc. (NCI) locations in Houston, Harris county. Those centers include; the Bay Area Senior Center; the Third Ward Multi-Service Center; and the Harbach Ripley Community Center.
Harbach-Ripley Community Center
Third Ward Multi-Service Center
Bay Area Senior Center